Nathan Edwards

Full stack Web Developer


A personable and driven full stack developer with a keen interest in modern web techniques and the evolving state of web development. Looking to bridge the gap between technical innovation and exciting, fresh design choices, and new challenges to further develop my skillset. So long IE8!


Adept in the tools of modern frontend development - HTML, CSS3, JavaScript (Vue, Backbone and jQuery mostly), preprocesssors (SASS, Pug, TypeScript) and a good knowledge of PhotoShop and graphics manipulation. I am well versed in site optimisation techniques, and enjoy crafting solutions to common web problems. I use Git on a daily basis and have used MySQL (more recently MariaDB) for the last decade.

I have years of experience working with PHP and various frameworks, namely Laravel, Symfony2, Kohana and CodeIgniter, and have built sites from scratch on all these platforms. I am a confident and friendly speaker, and have run training workshops for both external clients and internal staff on our custom-built systems and frontend best practice.


Defacto Design (September 2011 - Present)

Role: Web Developer (2011-2014); Senior Frontend Developer (2014-present)

I joined Defacto as a general web developer, meaning my day-to-day encompassed facets of frontend work, adding new features and debugging the PHP backend to Magento projects and the in-house CMS written with Kohana (and subsequently rewritten in Symfony 2), and server management tasks such as setting up shared hosting for new clients and setting new deployments live. I was introduced to Git during this period and continue to use it daily with an excellent standard of proficiency.

After rounding out my skills with primarily backend PHP development, the new developments in responsive design began to become apparent in the wider world, and I took it upon myself to start introducing responsive techniques into my workflow. As a result, my role transitioned into the resident authority on best practise for how we crafted our frontend experiences for a modern environment, culminating in my role changing from Web Developer to Senior Frontend Developer in 2014.

In this new role I am responsible for consulting with the design team in order to be able to properly advise the design team of any potential technical limitations we should be aware of, specifically relating to designing for multiple devices. I provide support and review code for two junior developers, and consultation for more senior backend developers who might require a frontend perspective.

I have introduced build tools into the frontend workflow, generally Grunt, SASS and Pug, though we cater those to the requirements of the project. I work with HTML, the latest CSS techniques and ES2016 with Babel to write solid, transferable and maintainable code for numerous different eCommerce clients and other, smaller projects when they come through the studio. I also meet with clients in the first instance to discuss requirements for their websites, and provide post-launch training sessions on the CMS with members of their admin teams. The studio is a fast-paced environment where delivering a top-quality product to strict time & budget constraints is paramount, which has helped shape my work ethic.

Notable projects I have led the frontend development for include:

  • Fred Perry eCommerce Site -

    As part of their responsive redesign in 2015, I was personally responsible for the entirety of the frontend implementation. The site is built on Magento, so I worked around the limitations of the framework to capture and bring to life the designer's vision. I implemented a publish/subscription layer in Javascript that allowed different site elements to work together without messy code, added a method of caching inline SVG icons in localStorage so we could use CSS styling with extra control over their appearance, and removed the old dependency on Compass, replacing it with node-sass, which enabled me to reduce the pre-processing time to a fraction of its previous length, increasing productivity on this project with a strict deadline.

  • Oliver Spencer eCommerce Site -

    Another Magento project, I removed the Magento 1 asset stack completely in favour of a Grunt-based asset processing, compilation and minification system, as well as delivering the entire frontend styling of the site on a tight deadline.

  • Food Matters Live -

    As one of the first fully responsive sites we completed, this project introduced a lot of new tools and techniques to the studio workflow. I used Middleman & HAML to create quick blueprints of site pages using the Bootstrap CSS framework, which allowed us to quickly outline and present the site plan to the client, saving a lot of design and development time in the process. I also implemented an icon font and custom Javascript to enable height matching of uneven blocks at different resolutions.

See Tickets (August 2009 - September 2011)

Role: Frontend Web Developer - Nottingham

My role generally involved creating white-label sites - near-exact copies of the client's site implementing on top of the ticketing system. There was great variance in the type of websites I was exposed to and had the chance to work on, giving me lots of experience with different code styles, frameworks and coding techniques. I also created an internal calendar system for use on the Call Centre floors, and helped develop for and launch a complete site redesign, where the deployment stack changed from classic ASP to at the same time.

I worked daily with HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery, utilising the ticketing system which was first written in classic ASP, then using the Razor syntax.

Freelance Web Development (August 2009 - Present)

I have worked with separate design agencies and individuals on all manner of standalone projects of various size and complexity. A few of my recent projects as a sole developer from brief to deployment include: